Cosmetic Dentistry at Dr. Geoffrey M. Parrillo


Cosmetic dentistry refers to dentistry that is cosmetic rather than medical in nature. It includes procedures like that of teeth whitening service, creating dental bridges, dentures, gum lifts, and veneers.


For many people, the desire to look good is reason enough to get cosmetic dentistry. However, it can be socially important to have a good smile. The quality of one’s teeth is one of the first things that a stranger judges when he or she sees you.


A cosmetic dentist is a professional who have been licensed by the American Dental Association. The process of getting a license is very demanding, so your dentist will know what he or she is doing.


If you want a celebrity status smile, we can help. Dr. Geoffrey M. Parrillo has been polishing the teeth of the Cranston, RI, for years! We also offer teeth whitening service and dental implants.


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